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+64 276492403

(Auckland, New Zealand)

Sampson has extensive experience in post-production and has created numerous short and feature films throughout his career. His early works include the 2005 film LINK, which starred Ben Mitchell (Shortland Street) and Shireen Shah (Jinnah) and was directed by Paul Roukan. He has also worked with Writer/Director James Napier Robertson and Tom Hern on the New Zealand feature film I'M NOT HARRY JENSON, where he served as a producer, co-editor, and Post-Production producer. The film was nominated for Best Supporting Actor and Best Film Under One Million at the Qantas New Zealand Film and Television Awards in 2009.

In 2012, Sampson edited and post-produced the feature film CRACKHEADS, officially selected at the Oaxaca Film Festival in Mexico and the Austin Film Festival in Texas. In 2013, CRACKHEADS won the Best Self-funded Feature Film award at the New Zealand Film Awards. Sampson also worked with director Tim Tsiklauri on the Premiere short film RESTORATION in 2015, which was funded by the NZFC. His work as an editor on RESTORATION earned him a nomination for Best Editor at the Academy Award-accredited Show Me Shorts 2015 Festival.

As an associate producer on the six-part documentary series THE STORY OF RUGBY in 2019, Sampson helped bring the series to over 100 countries and secured its distribution on Amazon Prime. He also produced and edited the feature film TURN OF THE SCREW in 2020, written and directed by Alex Galvin and garnered several international awards via the film festival circuit. The film had a limited theatre run in New Zealand and the USA in 2020. Currently, Sampson is producing a First World War drama-documentary titled DEVILS ON HORSES, which explores the intrinsic bond between soldiers and horses in wartime.


Sampson has a slate of television and feature projects in development under Sampson Pictures.

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