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I have been in the film and television industry for over 25 years, having produced several short films and two feature films. I have strong experience in post-production and understand the demands of the workflow. My early work includes LINK (2005) featuring Ben Mitchell (Shortland Street) and Shireen Shah (Jinnah) and FOUL PLAY (2006) which was a collaborative effort with Writer/Director, James Napier Robertson. I collaborated again with Napier Robertson, as well as Actor/Producer Tom Hern, on the New Zealand feature film, I'M NOT HARRY JENSON. My role was co-producer, co-editor and Post-Production producer. The film was nominated for 'Best Supporting Actor' and 'Best Film Under One Million' at the Qantas New Zealand Film and Television Awards in 2009. 


In 2012, I edited and post-produced Director/Writer Tim Tsiklauri’s CRACKHEADS (2012) feature. The film was officially selected at the Oaxaca Film Festival, Mexico, and the Austin Film Festival in Texas. In 2013, CRACKHEADS won best self-funded feature film at the New Zealand Film Awards. I re-teamed with director Tim Tsiklauri on the Premiere short film RESTORATION (2015) (funded by the NZFC). I was nominated for Best Editor for RESTORATION at the Academy Award-accredited Show Me Shorts 2015 Festival. In 2015-6, I worked as editor and post-production producer on Tanya Wheeler’s award-winning web series, RESET (2016).


As a lead producer, I am currently in post-production on a feature-length documentary titled CULTURE VULTURE: CHASING THE DREAM, the story of an independent Australian music producer who sets up a record label in the 1980s and then decides to head to LA. Also in post-production is Alex Galvin’s feature film TURN OF THE SCREWS, on which I am producer and co-editor.  I am Associate Producer on the STORY OF RUGBY (2019) 6 part international TV documentary series, produced by Steven O'Meagher and Rob Shadtel shot in 24 countries.  I have several projects in development.

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