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(Auckland, New Zealand)

Sampson founded Sampson Pictures Ltd in 2002 as a small boutique production and post-production company. The goal is to collaborate with passionate people who love to tell stories that move the audience with emotion. Human beings have been telling stories since the day we first walked on; this planet and storytelling is in our DNA. 


I have been in the film and television industry for over 25 years, having produced several short films and feature films. I have strong experience in post-production and understand the demands of the workflow. My early work includes LINK (2005) featuring Ben Mitchell (Shortland Street) and Shireen Shah (Jinnah) and FOUL PLAY (2006) which was a collaborative effort with Writer/Director, James Napier Robertson. I collaborated again with Napier Robertson, as well as Actor/Producer Tom Hern, on the New Zealand feature film, I'M NOT HARRY JENSON. My role was co-producer, co-editor and Post-Production producer. The film was nominated for 'Best Supporting Actor' and 'Best Film Under One Million' at the Qantas New Zealand Film and Television Awards in 2009. 


In 2012, I edited and post-produced Director/Writer Tim Tsiklauri’s CRACKHEADS (2012) feature. The film was officially selected at the Oaxaca Film Festival, Mexico, and the Austin Film Festival in Texas. In 2013, CRACKHEADS won best self-funded feature film at the New Zealand Film Awards. I re-teamed with director Tim Tsiklauri on the Premiere short film RESTORATION (2015) (funded by the NZFC). I was nominated for Best Editor for RESTORATION at the Academy Award-accredited Show Me Shorts 2015 Festival. In 2015-6, I worked as editor and post-production producer on Tanya Wheeler’s award-winning web series, RESET (2016).


As a lead producer, I am currently in post-production on a feature-length documentary titled CHASING THE DREAM, the story of an independent Australian music producer who sets up a record label in the 1980s and then decides to head to LA. Alex Galvin’s feature film TURN OF THE SCREWS, on which I am producer and co-editor.  I am Associate Producer on the STORY OF RUGBY (2019), a six-part international TV documentary series, produced by Steven O'Meagher and Rob Shadtel shot in 24 countries and screen in over 100 countries.  

With the explosion of cinematic television, globalisation and digital technology enables producers to work from anywhere in the world. This makes collaborating even more critical but most of important of all the opportunities to work and share ideas in a creative environment.