Army of DJ's Documentary

August 04, 2016

Film producer Edward Sampson and director Kent Broderick have to come toether to bring the extraordinary story the record label Army Of DJs as a documentary From the begining in the 1980's before mp3 and CD's where there. The record label was created by Kent Broderick and Harry Duncan – both self confessed music fanatics and with most of the music been released through the net. The documentary begins with Kent’s involvement in the industry going back to the first licensed release of Exudes parody of “Girls Just want To have Fun” retitled “Boys Just Want To have Sex” and problems associated the release and the decision release “Safe With You”. This includes behind the scenes footage of the video clip for the song along a interview with group back in 1988 and a up todate interview with Frank Rogala and Robin Canada from the group as well as Dan Lebanthal who worked as producer on the clip who has since gone on to edit major films such as Iron Man and Thor.


The Documentary then moves onto Kent’s next project which was a compilation of TV themes. This would take 2 years to complete due to licensing restrictions and the resultant spin of single “Ramjet ‘96” based on the cartoon character “Roger Ramjet”. This segment includes out takes and never used footage from the original clip as well as interviews with Adrian Lucchese and Kent Broderick from Out Of Order plus session singer Billy Lofton. Also will include interview with Josh Laws who worked on the artwork for the original release and his connection Kent.


Added interview footage includes interview with Armondo Hurley for the Duke Of Earl single release and the remix and Keren Minshull for the recording of “Single Bed”. Keren was also recording for the group “Euphoria” who had hits such as “Love You Right” and “One In A Million”.


We then move forward to the next release “Channel Surfing” with interviews with Dan Murphy and Jason de Wilde who worked on the Sesame Street Theme track as well as scenes from the music clip.


Moving forward a few years the Documentary moves forward to the “Down Under 2011” release with interviews with I Am Sam who remixed the track and Michael Patrick who appeared in the clip.


The interview with I am Sam also covers the remix of “Boys Just Want To Have Sex” for Army Of DJs and Harry Duncan as co creator of the Army Of DJs.


The Documentary as lightly covers future plans and ideas for Army Of DJs as well current projects.


The main point of the clip is the idea, the interesting history along with the good and bad through to the present with message – persist and you will succeed.


June 13, 2016

Producer and Writer Tanya Wheeler web base series Reset is screening at the Maori Film Festival over Queen Birthday weekend. Reset was part of the New Zealand on Air web base series recieving $100,000 in funding. The series will screen on Maori Television later on in the year.

Hot Chocolate

June 02, 2016

Greg Smith’s short Hot Chocolate has been named a winner at the Los Angeles-based Subversive Cinema Society’s Subversive Film Awards. The event named its winners on the weekend. Smith’s short took out the overall Short Film award, while Brazilian title Beyond The Grave took the feature gong. Hot Chocolate played in the Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival in April ahead of its appearance in the US. Smith’s aim for the short was to “get it into a festival”, so he’s pretty stoked with having achieved two so far and collecting a set of laurels from one. The film is currently doing the rounds of festival submissions but doesn’t have a confirmed NZ appearance yet. While Hot Chocolate does the rounds he’s got other projects on the go.

Wearing his acting hat, Smith appeared last year in Tim Tsiklauri’s short Restoration.

Via Smith’s production company Cool Story Bro Film he currently has a feature script in development with Tsiklauri’s Crackheads producer and co-writer Andy Sophocleus. Shoshana McCallum is on board as a writer. Smith has another feature in development with Justin Harwood, in whose award-winning webseries High Road Smith also appeared.

Of shorter from content, Smith has webseries These Two heading into production next month and short Heart2Heart, written by Lauren Porteous, in post. Porteous and Smith previously worked together on Alistair Riddell’s 2014 feature Broken Hallelujah.


November 15, 2015

Edward Sampson has been working in the film industry for 20 years and is still loving it. He began by making a number of short films inspired by the big screen using his super 8 camera with std 8mm and super 8mm film. Since then he has produced four short films. The first of these was The busking Challenge (2000), Link (2005) featuring Ben Mitchell (Shortland Street) and Shireen Shah (Jinnah). After that he teamed up with Writer and Director James Napier to do a short film called Foul Play. Following the success of Foul Play they re-team and worked together along with Tom Hern on the hit New Zealand film "I'm not Harry Jenson". Sampson's roles on Harrry Jenson were co-producer, co-editor and Post Production Producer. The film was nominated for 'Best Supporting Actor' and 'Best Film Under One Million' at the Qantas New Zealand Film and Television awards in 2009. Sampson worked as additional editor on the television series Tankboy, produced by Charles Knight (co-producer of Starz hit TV series Spartacus). Sampson also came aboard the New Zealand Film Commission short film 'Sneak Out' director by Ying Ly and in 2012 he co produced a short film called Kimpah. 


His next feature film as editor was Crackheads directed by Tim Tsiklauri and produced by Andy Sophocleous. The film has been officially selected in the Oaxaca Film Festival, Mexico, and the Austin Film Festival in Texas. Winner of 2013 best self funded feature film at the New Zealand film awards. Sampson and Tsiklauri reteam with producer Nicola Pepperkorn on the Permiere short film Restoration funding by the NZFC. Sampson was noimated for best editor for Restoration at 2015 Show me Shorts festival, a Academy Awards accredited festival.


Sampson has a wealth of Knowledge in the post production industry having been employed by Digipost for eleven years. In that time he worked on the television series 'Power Rangers', 'Spartacus', and the 3D feature film 'Beyond the Edge' about Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay climbing Mt Everest in 1953. In an ever increasing changing industry you need to keep up with the changes in delivery formats and technology


Edward lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

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